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Interlibrary Loan

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 The Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services provide access to the materials that are currently not held in the GDUFS library collections. All the staff members, students of GDUFS are eligible for this service.

  Please contact the Information Services Department for more details.

  Telephone Numbers of the Information and Technology Department: 36317039 (North), 39328162 (South)

  Please contact circulation counters if you want to submit a request to the following interlibrary loans.

  Interlibrary Loan of the Consortium of University Libraries in Guangzhou: The staff and students of GDUFS can apply for interlibrary cards and enjoy the resources of 11 university libraries in Guangzhou.

  Interlibrary Loan in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center:The staff and students of GDUFS can enjoy the resources of all university libraries in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center through the interlibrary loan.

  Telephone Numbers of Circulation Counters: 36317027(North),39328161 (South)